Clinical Exercise

Group Physio classes utilizing pilates exercises focus on improving and developing core stability and strength to address underlying musculoskeletal problems. By strengthening the core and increasing flexibility our programs improve posture, athletic performance, balance, co-ordination and treat injury.

At CPC / Pilates Bayside, all clients start with a one-on-one assessment, performed by one of our qualified Physiotherapists; Millie, Jess J, Jess B, Jill, Aga or Tash. Following this assessment, an individualised program is developed, tailored to your needs and goals. Our classes have a maximum of 4 participants, all completing their own set of exercises closely supervised by the physiotherapist.

Our Group physio classes may use a range of exercises from the Mat work, Reformer and Trapeze Table repertoire. All exercises are low impact and range from low to high intensity depending on the client. Group Physio is suitable for all ages, levels of fitness and stages of rehabilitation.

To get started, please call the clinic to book your Assessment.

Our Studios

At CPC, we have three Clinical exercise studios geared to accomodate different needs. Each studio offers different types of classes and are located at CPC and in the newly renovated rooms in Pilates Bayside@CPC.

Studio 1

Studio 1 at CPC offers smaller classes of up to 4 people with the guidance of a physio

Studio 2

Studio 2 at PilatesBayside@CPC offers 1:4 physio classes

Studio 3

Studio 3 at PilatesBayside@CPC offers physio directed programs classes with a maximum of 1:6

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