Women’s Health

Women’s Health Services at CPC Health

Here at CPC Health we have dedicated and passionate Women’s Health Physiotherapists to assist you with diagnosis, treatment & self management of your Women’s Health Issues.

Our Women’s Health Physiotherapists have Post Graduate qualifications in Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy, Women’s Health and Exercise. These additional qualifications allow the physiotherapists to complete a full musculoskeletal assessment as well as additional Women’s Health specific assessment and examination including Pelvic Floor assessments.

The team is passionate about returning patients to full function and providing evidence-based solutions for bladder, bowel and pelvic floor dysfunctions, pelvic pain, pregnancy and post natal care.

The Women’s Health Team at CPC health are able to assess, treat and manage the following conditions:

The Women’s Health Team at CPC health are able to assess, treat and manage the following conditions:

● Urinary symptoms – stress and urge incontinence, urgency, frequency,nocturia, voiding dysfunction.

● Pelvic organ prolapse – bladder, bowel, uterus.

● Chronic pelvic pain – dyspareunia (painful intercourse), vaginismus, vulvodynia, generalised chronic pelvic pain; endometriosis, bladder pain syndrome / interstitial cystitis.

● Pre and Post Gynaecological, Colo-rectal, Urological surgery.

● Pregnancy & Post Natal Services:
Individualised Pelvic Floor Muscle exercise program
Pre and post-natal exercise group classes
Pregnancy Pelvic Girdle Pain
Post natal Musculoskeletal conditions (Including Thumb & Wrist Conditions)
Post natal Recovery including C-section & Vaginal Delivery recovery & rehabilitation
DRAM (Separated Abdominal Muscles) management and treatment
Lactation disorders incl. blocked ducts, obstructive mastitis.

At CPC Health we also have a Real Time Ultrasound. This Ultrasound can be used externally over the lower abdomen to assess deep abdominal and Pelvic Floor Muscles. This allows for another method of non-invasive Pelvic Floor Examination and is also useful in assisting with Separated Abdominal (DRAM) management (read more on our What to Expect Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy page).

CPC Health also offers Clinical Pilates Classes; individualised 1:4 or 1:6 Pilates Classes, which can be claimed on Private Health Insurance and are a fantastic adjunct to your Women’s Health Physiotherapy Programme.

We look forward to meeting you and assisting you on this journey and congratulate you on taking the first step towards bettering yourself.

Please know that our women’s health physiotherapists are highly qualified and will treat you with the utmost respect, sensitivity, confidentiality and care.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries about a Women’s Health assessment at CPC health.