CPC Health / Pilates Bayside will follow the government directive that people need to keep 4 metres personal space between each other and as healthcare professionals we recognise the importance of following the government lead in avoiding non essential contact whenever possible. The federal health minister has also recognised physiotherapy as an essential service and encouraged us to continue to treat while minimizing risk. Physiotherapy/Podiatry/Dietetics and massage appointments are not affected by the current restrictions implemented by the government and we can continue to treat your musculoskeletal needs while putting in place extra hygiene protocols. We are confident that by seeing patients in a 1:1 setting we can manage both the patients musculoskeletal needs as well as minimizing the risk of contracting or spreading the virus. Our pilates studios do not have the floor space to accommodate classes as they have been conducted up until now to adhere to the 4 metre personal space recommendation therefore we are only conducting half hour 1:1 appointments for clinical exercise (Code 505 ) until the federal government eases the current restrictions in place. The cost of these sessions is $60.  Please contact your physiotherapist or call reception if you have any questions. Warm regards CPC Health /Pilates Bayside team. 


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