Late last year, Hannah Lindstrom one of our physiotherapists here at CPCHealth, received the unfortunate news that her mum had been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer.

It was a huge shock to Hannah and her family, however she has stayed positive in true Hannah style while her mum has undergone the necessary treatment. The staff at Peter Mac have been extremely supportive to her mum and her family throughout the journey so far. The knowledge and facilities they provide to cancer sufferers and their families are some of the best in the world and for that, we are very lucky. Hannah took her passion for running and turned a negative experience into a positive by raising money to support the Peter Mac Foundation in the 6km Run Melbourne event. The money raised is directed towards research, care and support of all those with cancer. Nice work Hannah! 

All of us here at CPC Health wish the best of luck to your mum and your family on  this journey.

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