Natasha Beasley visits Mark the Podiatrist. As part of her preparation for the NYC Marathon, Tash made an appointment with Mark Millerd from the Base Podiatry.

Mark specialises in sports injury management of the foot and ankle with particular interest in gait analysis for running and walking related injuries, dry needling, prolotherapy and the use of foot orthotics to manage injury. Mark works both at CPC Health and in Mount Eliza, so the Beasley's trekked down to Mount Eliza for a family day out. Poor Tash had corns on the 4th toe on both feet and was getting lots of friction when she started ramping up her running training. This combined with wide feet was having an impact on her running training.

Mark assessed her shoes, modified her inner sole, added a non slip friction pad and gave Tash some rubber toe dividers for my 4th-5th toe. Mark sliced, diced, massaged and cleaned up Tash's feet a treat! Tash said the only thing missing was the red nail polish at the end Tash ran a cruisy 25km the next day and felt great!!! Thanks to The Base Podiatry in Mount Eliza for looking after the Beasley's - as you can see form the pics - its is very family & kid friendly! If you have any foot or ankle issues, don't hesitate to give us a call at CPC Health on 95834000 to book in with any of the team from The Base Podiatry - Mark, Paul or Michael. We can't wait to see Mick's feet

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