We are excited to welcome Dr Matthew Cotchett to the CPC Health Podiatry team. Matthew is a podiatrist experienced in all facets of the profession. He obtained his undergraduate degree, with Honours, from La Trobe University in 2000 and his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Podiatry, in 2015. Matthew’s PhD focused on the effectiveness of dry needling for plantar heel pain as well as psychological factors associated with pain beneath the heel. Matthew has a major interest in the assessment and management of exercise-induced musculoskeletal disorders but also general treatment of the foot.
Teaching: Matthew has 10 years’ experience as a Lecturer at La Trobe University in Melbourne. He has predominantly taught subjects that focus on musculoskeletal conditions of the foot and ankle, orthotic therapy, and biomechanics of the foot and lower limb. Matthew regularly conducts dry needling workshops to podiatrists.
Research: Matthew is a researcher in the La Trobe Rural Health School at La Trobe University. He has published widely in the field of musculoskeletal medicine with a particular focus on pain beneath the heel and psychological factors associated with musculoskeletal pain. In addition, Matthew is leading projects focused on the effectiveness of different treatments for heel pain and improving the education of this condition.

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